A forever family is the happy ending every child deserves

Individuals experiencing unplanned pregnancies come to Catholic Charities to receive support, and counseling, from professional staff that educate and assist them as they make decisions and plan a future for their infants and themselves. Our goal is to prepare and support both birth and adoptive parents throughout the adoption process.

Birth parents select from approved waiting family profiles, the adoptive parents that they wish to have raise their child. Most birthparents’ preference is to review adoptive parent profiles that match their values and desires for their child’s upbringing in regard to religion and family composition. Other factors frequently influencing their decision include a mutually agreed upon level of openness, economic stability, education, personal interests and health. Birth parents may express a preference for couples who are unable to conceive.

Applicants must be at least 25 years of age, be in good health, demonstrate the financial means to support a family, and meet state licensing standards. Applicants will be required to share information about their marriage, childhood and family background, medical history, religion, education and employment history and the values they desire to share as parents. Applicants must receive clearance from state, federal, etc. We welcome prospective parents of all religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and accept applications to meet ongoing programmatic needs. Adoption Services are statewide in Mississippi.

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Maternity Support

Are you or someone you know, facing an unplanned and untimely pregnancies pregnancy? Catholic Charities offers free pregnancy support for all women regardless of age, income, marital status or religious affiliation.

There are no fees for this service.

Our pregnancy support services address three areas:

  1. Emotional support to help you work through emotions and feelings.
  2. Adequate information so that you know all of your options.
  3. Skills to help you make the best decision for you and your baby.