Born Free/New Beginnings

Born Free/New Beginnings offers substance use treatment for pregnant mothers and mothers with children ages 0-4 residing in Mississippi. Born Free/New Beginnings gives admission preferences to women who are currently pregnant or women who are currently using IV drugs to ensure admission to treatment within 48 hours of initial contact. If there is no bed availability, Born Free/New Beginnings will work with the individual in identifying an appropriate referral for treatment as well as any interim services needed. 

Born Free/New Beginnings is a minimum 90 day residential treatment program with the option to stay longer if needed. Pregnant mothers are encouraged to stay the length of their pregnancy to ensure a healthy birth for both mother and child. Born Free offers person centered specialized treatment for mothers who have addiction and mental health and trauma disorders. Mothers in the program engage in educational and therapeutic groups with opportunities to participate in community NA/AA meetings. Specialized individual counseling sessions are offered weekly with the opportunity to also engage family members in treatment if desired. Mothers will also receive peer support services from a certified peer support recovery specialist to address community needs and connection to resources to assist mothers with successful recovery. Born Free/New Beginnings is devoted to reaching mothers across the state of Mississippi who suffer from chemical addiction and are in search of freedom from substance use. 

Upon discharge from Born  Free/New Beginnings, we connect mothers to community based resources such as job placement and housing to help them transition back into their community and secure a stable, independent life of recovery.