Children of Domestic Violence Find Comfort at Karitas Day Care Center

Jarvis and Patrick, twin brothers entered the Karitas Day Care at age three. Jarvis is very energetic and outgoing while Patrick is shy and reserved. Patrick did not talk often and always carried a security blanket. In the beginning when the boys were dropped off Jarvis never cried or exhibited any emotion but Patrick would cry and kick.

After an initial assessment the teacher began working with the two brothers to ensure that their stay at Karitas day care would be educational as well as fun and exciting. Jarvis and Patrick’s teacher recognized the twins’ individual needs and developed a plan of learning that worked for each boy.

The children begin each day with activities to engage both fine and gross motor skills, including running, skipping and other activities. In order to do these activities Patrick has to place his blanket to the side. In addition, these activities help Jarvis release some of his early morning energy.

Engaging in these activities helped both brothers adjust very quickly to the daily schedule and prepared them for the day. Now Jarvis is more relaxed for class and ready to learn. Patrick no longer cries when his mother leaves. Furthermore, the teachers and staff provided ways for him to let go of his blanket and begin expressing his feelings in a more positive ways. The program was very successful in meeting its objective of providing a safe and nurturing environment for Jarvis, Patrick and the other children.

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