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    Foster Parent Testimonials

    Fostering has given me an opportunity to parent a newly developed child that needs love, care, guidance, friendship, exposure, and attention, regardless of bloodline.

    Dr. Sandra Pugh

    Fostering youth means an opportunity to provide a better life and support system to someone who would otherwise not have that access. It’s a chance to see our world from a new perspective, to challenge our own worldview, and to share our experiences with the next generation. Youth who have access to ample support and resources will in turn be able to contribute to society and their own success more easily. 

     Jordan Manuel

    Fostering young refugees is an opportunity to pass the blessings of my own life onto vulnerable youth, many of whom have survived horrific experiences we can only imagine. Providing a safe, peaceful home gives them the opportunity to grow into healthy, happy and productive adults who will contribute their talents to their own families and communities. 

    Dr. Carol O’Connor