Hope Haven Home Based

Families and youths deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, at no time more so than when they are facing a crisis.  Home Base staff recognizes the importance of family and community, and staff working diligently to help families resolve crises without disrupting the family unit.  Home and neighborhood-based interventions such as wraparound services and collaborating with families’ informal and formal support systems are key program components.  When a youth has a serious emotional disturbance, the youth and each family member face many challenges and they deserve compassion and support as they face them.  There is no place for blaming, using shame, passing judgment, or doubting the competence of families in programs claiming to help in crisis situations.

Each family and youth seeking Intensive Wraparound Services bring with them unique lifestyles, goals, sociocultural values, support systems, strengths, insights, and needs and these serve as the guiding forces in treatment planning and interventions. Home Base staff view families as partners in the treatment process and recognize that successful interventions require aligning with families, capitalizing on strengths, and respecting the family’s complex relationships.  Home Base staff members are always guided by what is in the best interest of youths and families and adapt services to youths and families’ needs, creating hope and opportunity in those situations, which have traditionally been viewed as difficult.

Program guidelines are never used as a barrier to families obtaining services.  The Home Base staff recognizes that individuals and families have a right to make their own choices.  Home Base staff helps individuals recognize the consequences of their choices in a non-judgmental manner.  Services are offered unconditionally, and families are not denied services solely because of choices they have made or behaviors their children have engaged in.