Our Faith Response

Our Faith Response to the Coronavirus

Below are some very practical and easy ways you can provide support while also practicing safe
physical distancing during this very challenging time.

  1. MASK-MAKING: There are a number of institutions that are desperately in need of masks to protect their staff and residents, including jails, prisons and lock-down psychiatric facilities.   These facilities are at high risk for contracting and spreading the Coronavirus.  Volunteers are needed to help make these masks.  It helps to have sewing skills, but is not required. Click here for mask-making tutorials for how to make them and have them distributed in Mississippi.
  2. COMMIT TO A FAITH-BASED RESPONSE: Read and share this article about our call to a faith-based response: A Faith Response to the Coronavirus
  3. DONATE: Make a financial contribution to your local parish to assist parishioners who may be in need.  Other ideas for financial contributions are your local food bank, food distribution organizations or health care centers that need medical supplies.
  4. PRAYERS: A Prayer for Our Uncertain Times and A Coronavirus Prayer