Educational Resources

Educational Resources for Social Justice

The many Catholic Social Justice Organizations offer a wide variety of educational resources on their websites. The workshops presented in the Jackson Diocese will also be available on this site.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Communities of Salt and Light:  US Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] program on how to incorporate social justice teaching into the life of the parish. These reflections offer a basic resource for pastors, parish leaders, and parishioners seeking to strengthen the social ministry of their parish bringing together the principles of our social teaching and local parish experience into a general framework for parish social ministry.

This resource can be found online or purchased from the USCCB.

Sharing the Tradition; Shaping the Future Series:  A series of faith sharing booklets for small group discussion and reflection on the social teaching of the Church from the USCCB. Each booklet covers a 6-7 week program where each session covers a theme or topic incorporating prayer, scripture, reflection, focus questions, and suggested action. The first booklet in the series covers the USCCB’s Seven principles of Catholic social teaching. Other booklets take a more in depth look into a single principle. Most of the booklets are printed in English and Spanish and can be purchased from the USCCB for $1 each. “Search” the site for the titles. They can also be found at Amazon and other book stores.

Book 1: Sharing the Tradition, Shaping the Future – 7 weeks covering the 7 principles
Book 2: Family Community and Participation – 6 weeks
Book 3: Dignity of the Human Person – 6 weeks
Book 4: Preferential Option for and with the Poor – 6 weeks
Book 5: Solidarity with the Poor – 6 weeks

Catholic Relief Services

For short videos on a number of topics:

For research and publications:

Jesuit Social Research Institute

The Jesuit Social Research Institute engages in three primary activities; research and analysis, advocacy, and education. The framework for all of our efforts is Catholic social teaching.

Catholic Charities Jackson – Office of Parish Social Ministry

Fall 2017 Faith In Action Workshop – “Living Our Faith”

Catholic Social Teaching PowerPoint
Catholic Social Teaching Script (English)

Catholic Faith In Action Teams PowerPoint
Catholic Faith In Action Teams Script (English)

Advocacy 101 PowerPoint
Advocacy 101 Script (English)