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Back to School Giveaway

In an earnest effort to support the community and ensure a successful start to the upcoming school year, Catholic Charities, Inc. hosted its annual Back to School Giveaway on August 5, 2022. This event is a manifestation of our commitment to facilitating a positive educational experience for all children by equipping them with the essential supplies needed for academic success.

The Back to School Giveaway goes beyond the conventional distribution of school supplies; it embraces a holistic approach to student well-being. In addition to providing educational essentials, the event offers access to nutritious food, crucial vaccinations, and an atmosphere of joy and celebration for all students. The goal is to alleviate the financial burden on families while fostering an environment where every child feels adequately prepared and supported as they embark on a new academic year.

Notably, the event extends its impact beyond students, recognizing the interconnected nature of community well-being. Vaccinations are made available not only for students but also for adults, emphasizing the importance of overall health within the community.

The inclusivity of this initiative is a key element, as everything offered at the Back to School Giveaway is provided free of charge. This ensures that every member of the community, regardless of financial circumstances, can partake in the event and benefit from the resources and support offered. By creating a space where families can access a range of essential services in a positive and uplifting environment, Catholic Charities, Inc. contributes to laying the groundwork for a successful and enriching school year for all.

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