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Newsworthy: Shelter for Battered Families

July 22, 2022

Established in 1980,Catholic Charities, Inc.Jackson Victim Services Shelter for Battered Families has provided a safe refuge for adults (women and men) and their children escaping an abusive relationship for over 42 years.Jackson Victim Servicesis dedicated to helping victims survive the trauma caused by someone they once and still love and help to break the cycle of trauma and violence.

Jackson Victim Servicesstrives to assist the victims when they enter the program with establishing goals, developing coping skills that will enable them to have a healthier way of living free of abuse. Jackson Victim Services is a dual program providing services to not only DV survivors but survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking.

Jackson Victim Services would like to sincere thank the organizations, donors, (North Minister Baptist Church, National Association of Elks) for their donation and continued support throughout the years. We are grateful for their generosity, their trust. and most importantly, their commitment to our mission which is to be a visible sign of Christ’s love and concern for all people.

We also offer outreach services to assist victims who do not require emergency shelter but are seeking other support. A twenty-four-hour crisis line will be available to assist with receiving referrals. Jackson Victim Services works diligently to provide services to include: temporary emergency housing, limited child care services, transportation assistance to scheduled appointments (bus passes, cab fare) supportive counseling, short and long term counseling, safety planning, court accompaniment, clothing and personal hygiene products, employment assistance, GED/vocational/college enrollment assistance, community resource referrals (housing, legal, financial, medical/dental, mental health), prevention education activities within the community and advocacy.

Trauma informed care is also provided and it helps to restore the victim’s felling of safety, voice, and control.

STAFF IS TRAINED ON the understanding of the vulnerabilities and experiences of a trauma survivor, as well as the physical, social, and emotional impact of the trauma. When the families leave the shelter, you can see the hope in the faces being able to start their lives again free of violence and abuse.

Article written by Sarah BradleyShelter for Battered Families Program Director

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