Therauputic Foster Care

Changing the Future One Child at a Time”

Our Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) services provide a stable home environment with families who care for and believe any child or teen can accomplish their greatest potential.  In Mississippi, there is a great need for families to foster large sibling groups, teenagers; children with physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges; children with severe behavior problems, pregnant girls who plan to keep the baby, and children who have face different forms of trauma.

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Are you ready to share your home?

Many foster children are survivors of trauma and face challenges that impact their views, behaviors and healthy development. Most children who are removed from their home are placed in foster care because of neglect and abuse. Our goal is to return each child to safety and permanency, reunification with biological family or a forever home.


Being removed from all you’ve known causes challenges for youth such as emotional, social and learning difficulties. The emotions a youth in foster care experiences can vary from feeling hopeless, grief, anxiety, loneliness, anger, frustration, lack of confidence and more that can lead to mental and physical health challenges.


Our clinical staff ensures our highly-trained Foster Family Network are equipped with tools such as trauma healing and behavioral coping skills that support each youth’s mental, physical and emotional safety and well-being.  We welcome people of all backgrounds to become resource parents,  including single, married, retired, and divorced adults interested in being the difference in the life of a child or teen.

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