About Us

The mission of Catholic Charities is to be a visible sign of Christ’s love by helping those who are unable to help themselves; the poor and vulnerable, especially children, women, and families.

In the 1991 document, "Putting children and Families First" the Catholic Bishops of the United States stated:

“The biblical call to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and to make Christian love real and active has taken explicit shape over the last century in the traditional social teaching of the church. This tradition and its key principles ...include the life and dignity of the human person, human rights and responsibilities, the call to family and community, the dignity of work, the option for the poor and vulnerable.”

Catholic Charities embraces this statement and calls its leadership and staff to bring God's promise of life and its fullness to all people, rich or poor, young or old, male or female, born or unborn, regardless of race or color. The mission of Catholic Charities is multifaceted: direct services, advocacy, and public consciousness raising.

There is a direct relationship to parishes with the Diocese of Jackson, but the mission extends to the larger community of the state, nation, and even beyond to the entire human family. Services are provided for all people regardless of religions affiliation, race, color, or country of origin.

To live out this mission, Catholic Charities will:
  • Assist parishes of the Diocese so that they may be a visible and active sign of Christ’s love for all people, especially the poor, the needy, and the most vulnerable.
  • Provide direct services in a professionally skilled manner. Catholic Charities will conduct programs for assistance and Services to address the needs of people in all socioeconomic groups, but to have a special concern for the neediest and most vulnerable, to serve as their advocate where it is necessary and to help them develop the capacity to become independent and self-sufficient.
  • Work in cooperation with the Catholic Community and in collaboration with the greater community toward the construction of a more just social order, focusing on public social policy and the strengthening of the family’s role in society. This includes participating in social legislation at the federal, state, and local levels, monitoring public budget processes and studying their impact on the family.
  • Provide education, increased public awareness and cooperation efforts, both within the Catholic Community and within the larger community, so that all may be more active participants in bringing about a more just and compassionate social order.

Board of Directors

Reverend Joseph Kopacz

Mary Woodward

Reverend Lincoln Dall

Carolyn Callahan

Reverend Msgr. Elvin Sunds

Linda Raff

Governance Council

Laura Walters

Mimi Speyerer
Vice Chair

Theresa Abadie

Marcus Burger

Jessica Cole

Rev. Lincoln Dall

Joseph Donovan

Rusty Haydel

Cindy Jefcoat

Gene Loper, MD

Rev. Lannis May

Bill Morris

Sherry Pitts

Lonnie Treadaway

Tamika Wray

Northeast Advisory Board

Robert Stewart

Veronica Torres
Vice President

Rev. Timothy Murphy

Rev. Lannis May

Annie Douglas

Wilbur Holmes

Inez Melendez

Eleanor Watson

Mike Talbert

Directors & Administrative Offices

Wanda Thomas
Executive Director

Vicki Smith
Director of Compliance & Program Development

Jacqueline Haynes
Director of Social Services

Michael Thomas
Development Director

Tremayne Davis
IT Director