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Domestic Violence Services

Helping to break the cycle of violence

Violence in families is cyclical.  It is a learned behavior that is passed down from one generation to the next.  Many children who grow up in violent homes learn at an early age that violence is the way to deal with stress and other problems.  In many cases, they will mirror their parents' behavior; and as adults, they will be violent towards their spouses and their children. 

The Domestic Violence Services Center is committed to breaking this cycle.  We offer counseling and support to help victims recover from their abuse and develop healthier future relationships.  We also offer services for adults who are willing to unlearn their abusive behavior. 
Our services are available to those involved in spouse-abuse, child-abuse, sibling violence, violence by a child against a family, and violence against elderly family members. 

Shelter for Abused Families

The Jackson Shelter for Battered Families is designed to help victims of spouse abuse and their children during the critical time in life.  The shelter provides the following services:
  • 30 day temporary emergency shelter
  • Support/Counseling--Emotional support, short term counseling and assistance in problem solving
  • Advocacy--Information and referral

Therapeutic Day Care

Every child has a fundamental right to live free of violence, humiliation and exploitation.  This program provides an atmosphere free of violence and assures children are treated with respect. 

Services include:  Therapy for children, tutoring, sporting events, arts and crafts, potty training, file trips and parental development.

2nd Stage Transitional Housing

Provides shelter residents and homeless families from other emergency shelters and homeless facilities housing for up to one year with 3-month extensions available up to 24 months.  This time is given to achieve independence from an abusive relationship, and to provide extended housing and supportive services for families to become independent.  The temporary housing with supportive services helps pave the way toward self-sufficiency.

Court Advocacy Program

This program provides support and assistance to victims of domestic violence.  The purpose of the program is to provide victims access to court services.  By having a liaison, a victim can feel better prepared for the court process and judicial intervention.  Services will include: a court escort, advocacy, education and training, follow-up monitoring and making referrals.

Legal Assistance Clinic

This program provides support and legal representation to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in Hinds, Rankin, and Madison counties.  The purpose is to provide victims civil litigation services for emergency and non-emergency protective orders.  Other legal services include child custody, restraining orders, housing claims, financial claims, and other feasible claims arising out of or stemming from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Counseling Services

Individual, family and group counseling services are available for those whose lives are disrupted by family violence.  Whether the abuse is physical, sexual or psychological, counseling can help family members to cope with the effects of the violence and to develop healthier relationships.  The Family Life Program of Catholic Charities supervises these outpatient services.

For more information, please contact:
Gwen Bouie-Haynes – Program Director
601- 366-0222

200 North Congress Street
Suite 100
Jackson, MS 39201
24 hours information and referral
366-0222 or 1-800-273-9012